Since I forgot about the NFL's ban on watching any football other than the product being shown on live television as we speak, I won't be viewing yesterday's debacle a second time tonight. We'll have to wait til tomorrow.

In the meantime, while everyone wrings their hands over Andy's ongoing "evaluation" of the quarterback spot, the play of Demetress Malone and Dallas Reynolds, and oh God damn we're playing this game now...

(Best part of that second link is the injury list at the bottom saying, succinctly, "Fletcher Cox has migraines." I want that on the list every week)

Anyway, in lieu of actual analysis / well thought-out jokes about the game, I thought I'd just give a better visual representation of what happened yesterday by way of one of my favorite movies/books... (at 1:38)
G-men next week. Sheeeeeooooooote.

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