Not sure what we all just watched, but I'm certain it wasn't appropriate for network television audiences.

There are few moments worse as a sports fan than watching your team physically manhandled, pinned to the ground and forced to scream Uncle Ben and Jerry for three hours. It just happened.

Atrocious offensive line play. As Les Bowen pointed out, hard to tell if that's Vick not calling the protections right, Dallas Reynolds not calling them out right, or Arizona's controversial strategy of using wild hyenas in their front seven. 

Vick is going to be dead by the bye week either way if Demetress Malone doesn't start learning how to play left tackle again. A totally immobilized Jason Peters would be infinitely more effective at this point.

Taking bets right now on whether or not that 99-yard fumble return TD will be shown more or less than the "Vick being beaten up" montages the rest of the season.

DeSean mailed it in for 2/3 of the second half. 

Larry Fitz is still a monster. Andre Roberts is a baby-back bitch.

Thom Brennaman thinks that fumbling the ball once in your second career NFL game is an incomparable tragedy given how much he comforted Ryan Williams about it. Would hate to hear that Williams' car got a flat tire on the way home. Brennaman might try to start a foundation.

Kerry Rhodes is apparently allowed to hit Brent Celek whenever he wants to.
Scab refs keep on scabbin'. Spotting a football after a penalty must be on par with general relativity in terms of the most difficult concepts to grasp in mankind's history.

Good game by Fred Durst.

Going to go throw up for a bit. See you tomorrow, kids.

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