Don't worry, Brandon Weeden is still a puss.
Not content with making me feel stupid simply for plunking down money on Game Rewind this year almost exclusively for the All-22 tape, the NFL is hammering the point home by not providing the coach’s tape for the Eagles game, one of a handful that don’t have it yet available yet.

Considering some of the dumb stuff that happened in the second half, it’s possible Andy Reid doesn’t have the tape, either. Mike Vick definitely hasn’t seen it.

Here are a few things I missed from yesterday’s post after getting a chance to watch things again, though.
DeSean looked great. His first catch came on a full-extension grab going across the fiefld, and Mornhinreid sent him over the middle a couple more times Sunday, as if they’re intentionally testing his comfort level now that he’s making gadzillions. There was a lot to like about DeSean’s game, particularly going against Joe “Not a Cheater, Pending Appeal” Haden.

Swarm action. DeMeco Ryans was a boss behind the line of scrimmage, but he also had a great tackle in coverage. Mychal Kendricks tackles like a man – a tackle is a tackle so long as the guy goes down, but to know my team has guys capable of absolutely thumping someone, especially after a full season of running the “Ole” drill and watching a Pro Bowl cornerback collide with other players trying to make tackles, fuels the Neanderthal in me. Also, Nate Allen made a nice open-field tackle on a swing pass in the first quarter.

King Dunlap could have been called for holding about 47 times. That’s all.

The screen pass worked precisely once. Every other time, it was busted up for a loss or a minimal gain.

Travis Benjamin is a wide receiver that wears 00. Asshole.

More official schmuckery. In addition to referring to the Eagles and Browns as “green” and “white” respectively on various calls, the referees also whistled Maclin in the second quarter for looking too gosh darn innocent on a Shady scamper. Maclin and Dimitri Patterson engaged for about a second before Shady blazed by, at which point Maclin promptly threw his arms in the air to ensure he wouldn’t be penalized for holding. Maclin was then penalized for holding.

I want to make sweet, sweet love to DRC’s first interception. It’s what happens when a guy who was literally sculpted by the Lord above for the sole purpose of playing man-to-man coverage does everything right. In full stride, he propels his slender 6-foot-2 frame into the air to pluck Brandon Weeden’s first good 15-plus yard throw of the game out of the air. I wonder if DRC's first interception enjoys dinner and a movie as a first date, or if that's too old fashioned..

The second to last drive of the first half should’ve been a good indication that Vick didn’t have it. He overthrew open guys on three straight plays: a bomb to Jackson after he got behind the secondary, a wobbler towards the near sideline for a diving Maclin, and a laser ahead of Damaris Johnson heading over the middle. Of course, he also tossed a pretty deep ball to Maclin on the next drive. Just maddening.

Also, remember that rolling out, across-the-body pick Vick threw in the first half? He did almost the exact same thing early in the first half, trying to force the ball to Clay Harbor. Nothing like making halftime adjustments.

Chas Henry boomed punts like it was his job. Because it is. But he also outkicked his coverage a few times, only to have Akeem Jordan bail him out with two very nice solo tackles on elite returner JAWSH CRIII.

DeSean also prevented yet another “Mike Vick’s going to lose this game no matter what you do” moment. Vick chucked the ball about fifty yards to Jackson in the end zone, but Haden got a step on him and nearly came up with the “nail in the coffin” interception. Jackson did his best impression of…well, Joe Haden, though, and swatted the ball away to prevent the turnover. Haden bitched about offensive pass interference because why not?

Brent Celek is a man. He got an extra 7 or 8 yards combined after being wrapped up on tackles, including his last catch of the game, where he dragged TJ Ward an extra four yards on the final drive of the game.

Dick Stockton is losing it. When he wasn’t giving DeSean Jackson touchdowns he didn’t score or marveling at how Trent Richardson was stopped by his own team’s defense, Stockton was blatantly more enthusiastic over Browns plays than Eagles’ ones. I hate accusing announcers of bias, but even Joe Buck thought Stockton’s call of Clay Harbor’s game-winning touchdown was dispassionate.

Brandon Weeden is just as bad upon a second look. I have no idea who he was throwing to on his last throw of the game. Kurt Coleman had to leap up for the interception, but there was no one behind him who he cut in front of for the ball  - it was just thrown about a mile over everyone’s head. Mohamed Mass Effect could have caught it if he were the size of the Sears Tower, I guess.

More of this, plus the sheer terror of having to face RGIII twice a year for the next two decades, tomorrow night, after yours truly spends the day tackling the toughest ball-carrier of all…the American justice system.

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